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Top 10 Best Most Complimented perfumes for men

Here I have gathered some of the best most complimented men’s fragrances. All of these following best perfumes are long lasting and you can choose any of them. I’ve put them in order according to my personal preference when I did some research on which ones of men’s perfumes get most compliments and ended up creating this list. Whether you choose the number one or number 10 on this list I’m sure you won’t get disappointed. These are all great compliment getters.

10. First one of these top 10 best perfumes is the well known 1 million from Paco Rabanne. 1 Million has an extremely great performance and it can get you extreme reactions from women. It is a warm spicy cinnamon scent mixed with a little bit of citrus. A great compliment getter even tho it is sharing this 10th place on this list. Get it here from Amazon.

10. Spice Bomb is another one in the 10th spot but has a great performance. It’s a perfect scent for winter time (and only winter time). Very warm scent that has similar notes to 1 million. Replace the citrus with tobacco and you basically get spice bomb. Get it from Amazon here.

9. Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier is one of the best fragrances for men out there. This one has an extremely great performance! If you like the smell of vanilla mixed with spices and freshness then you’ll love this one. This is a great safe pic cause many women love it or at least like
it. It has become a little bit generic just because so many men wear it but it is still a great compliment getter. This is not just a nice scent it makes women go nuts and it’s perfect for the night out. Get it from Amazon here.

8. Dolce & gabbana The One for men. Women love this spicy tobacco scent. Very popular fragrance among men. It’s not too strong but that makes it perfect for any occasion. Pretty safe choice. Get it from Amazon here.

7. Prada l’Homme is a great day time or office fragrance. It has a very masculine fresh scent to it. Women absolutely love this fragrance and it will last on you a long time while it doesn’t have too strong of a scent. Get it from Amazon here.

6. Paco Rabanne Invictus aqua is a great fresh fragrance. If you like fresh fragrances more then you won’t get disappointed with this one. It has a good performance and will last fairly long and women love this mixture of sea water and citrus notes. Some would like this even more than my top 2 on this list! Get it from Amazon here.

5. Sauvage Eau De Toilette is a bit more fresher than the perfume and has known to get you more compliments. It is a great masculine fragrance that you can wear anywhere any time of the day which makes it a safe choice. Very good compliment getter and long lasting sexy perfume that has a mixture of citrus notes and woods. Great performance which is hard to reach for a fresh fragrance. Get it from Amazon here.

4. Acqua Di Gio Profumo by Giorgio Armani is one of the best long lasting fresh fragrances. It fits well for the night time and has a very masculine scent so that it fits better for grown men. Aromatic fresh spicy scent with sea notes. Get it from Amazon here.

3. La Nuit De L’Homme is a great warm spicy fragrance for men. Definitely a great compliment getter if you like the scent of cardamom mixed with bergamot and lavender. Moderate scent but still long lasting and a good date night fragrance. Get it from Amazon here.

2. Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra male is a great fragrance! (Obviously since it’s the second best on this list.) It has more fruity scent than Le Male does. It has a pretty strong pear note and it is sweet. So if you know you like sweet scents then go for it but for some this is way too sweet. This has a very good performance and it will turn heads when you go have a night out. Get it from Amazon here.

1. Versace Eros is my personal favorite. Sweet fragrance, perfect for the night out with a great performance. A great mixture of apple, mint and vanilla! Very sweet and sexy, long lasting, heavy perfume that will make you the center of attention. In my opinion this is more masculine version of Ultramale. Get it here on Amazon.



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