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Top 10 Most Complimented perfumes for women


Here I have gathered men’s favorite scents that they have found themselves to compliment the most and also ranked these according to my own experience and personal favorites. I’m starting off this list with Mon Guerlain not only because it’s one of my favorites but a great compliment getter. Fits better for adults but if you are under 20 and looking for a great compliment getter then you’ll find out that poison girl could work for you very well. Check out the rest of these great perfumes and whether you decide to purchase the number one or number ten from this list I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. These are all great perfumes!

1. Mon Guerlain by Guerlain. lavender unique scent very sexy. Smells a bit like like feve delicieuse. Quermoind edible scent and noticeable but has performance issues when compared to feve deliceuse. Great for all occasions so you can make it into a signature fragrance. Get it here on Amazon.

2. Christian Dior poison girl eau de perfume. Many women choose this as their signature fragrance. It has a great performance and a strong almond & vanilla scent. This can be used at any occasion. Great fragrance that is loved by many. It lasts long and has a heavy scent that will help you get noticed. This is definitely one of the best options when you are after compliments. Get it here on Amazon.

3. La vie Est Belle Lancome is a great compliment getter. There are people who absolutely love it and some who don’t. This has a great performance as well. It lasts long and has a heavy scent just like poison girl but with La Vie Est Belle you get a very sweet and a little fruity scent. It smells like praline, vanilla and black currant. Get it from Amazon here. 

4. Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel Paris is yet another great perfume with a strong citrus and white floral scent. It’s VERY long lasting, heavy fragrance that has a certain appeal on men most likely because of the white florals that can make you appear slimmer and the grapefruit scent that can make men feel more confident around you. Nice clean scent to balance out this list that mainly has sweet fragrances. Get it here on Amazon.

5. Reb’l Fleur by Rihanna must be one of the best celebrity fragrances. You will get compliments and it has a great prize! It has a unique coconut scent mixed with fruity notes and vanilla. Very sweet scent that has a great performance. Get this in Amazon here.

6. So Feve Delicieuse is great but the prize is very high. If you are ready to put some more money into your perfumes then you will also get your moneys worth with this one. Strong notes of tonka bean & vanilla. Very long lasting heavy scent that few dislike and most love. Great choice!

7. Carolina Herrera Good Girl is another great white floral fragrance. Very popular around the globe. Fresh yet sweet. Very noticeable even tho pretty fresh which makes it special. Get this on Amazon here.

8. Mugler Angel Muse could be higher on the list but not everyone likes the chocolate scent. This is definitely one of the best chocolaty scents you can find. So if you know you like that, then you’ll love this. It can smell a bit strong at first but afterwards when you occasionally get a sniff of it, it smells incredible. Very nice, long lasting, heavy gourmand scent. Get it from Amazon here.

9. Tresor Midnight Rose Lancome. It’s nice and will get you compliments and it’s a good safe choice. This one is a mixture of rose and raspberry notes. Sweet and fruity scent that has yet again a great performance. Get it from Amazon here.

10. Light Blue Intense is a great long lasting fresh citrus scent for summer time. It has a pretty moderate scent but it’s one of the best summer fragrances out there. Get it from Amazon here.



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