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Top 10 DIY Home Decor Ideas On a Budget
For Small Spaces

Many of us now how living in a small apartment can really limit the options when it comes to decorating. That however shouldn’t stop you from creating a nice comfy space for yourself. Luckily there are many great décor ideas created for small spaces and I’ve picked the top 20 of the best on a budget ideas for your small apartment! These following ideas are great for a small apartment and many first apartments for college students and teens. You can also use some of  these ideas for decorating your room.

 I know what it’s like living in a tiny apartment where all you have is one room for kitchen, bedroom and living room and another room as a bathroom. There was no extra room for anything but I still managed to decorate that small space the way I wanted. It was my first apartment that really felt like home for me and that was all because of I was able to decorate. Decorating can really turn your apartment into a home. We shouldn’t give up just because decorating can be expensive and it feels impossible when all you have is two tiny rooms! That’s not the case. There are plenty of DIY ideas that will help you save money and no they are not hard. Anyone can follow these DIY projects.

Why should I waste my time on DIY?

First of all DIY helps you save money, it makes you use your creativity and it opens up so many more options to choose from when decorating. You can create your own, better versions of different furniture by doing it yourself! There are literally no limits. Another great side of DIY is recycling. there are tutorials after tutorial about using your old jars or old magazines on different DIY projects. Not excited yet? Let me show you these amazing diy decor ideas and then decide whether DIY is your thing.

This project will turn your tiny kitchen into an awesome one. Use your walls next to the dining table and create a cool coffee bar! This mini coffee bar will come in handy specially when you are having visitors.
You have many options how you create it and it’s easy to do yourself! This is one of those DIY projects where you can use some of your old jars! If you are not a big fan of coffee what about a hot chocolate bar, tea bar or even candy bar? All you need is some hooks, boards and a hammer and nails. Search through your area and see if you can find anything fitting for this project, the space and design you are after. Something that can make it easier for you than starting from scratch.

Next one on the list is a great project for small as well as bigger apartments. Sofa tables come in handy and how many people you know who actually eat at the dining table? I’ve heard so many people eat in the living room while watching tv and I’m no exception! That might not be the best idea but even then where do you put your tea while you want to enjoy a movie from your comfy couch? It’s so much easier to use a sofa table that is at close distance and it will not take much space at all. Great for small apartments and small spaces. Check out the link under the picture to find out how it’s made!

If you have a balcony then you definitely should use it as a little garden space. Why? Because having and indoor or outdoor garden can help you eat healthier, save money and it works as a nice piece of decoration. Depending on what kind of space you have available you can get inspired and choose a fitting project for yourself from this link above. You’ll find many different balcony garden ideas including the one in the picture. You can also take some of those projects and use it inside. Hang your indoor garden on your wall near the kitchen or wherever you have some extra space. For those people who love organic products this is a must! You will be able to grow your own organic herbs and other foods at home and be assured there are no toxins in your food.


You’ll find a tutorial video from the link above that will teach you how to create this beautiful floating latter shelf to get some extra shelves for your bathroom. You can decide yourself whether you would like a latter shelf that goes all the way down or not. It all depends on the space you have. If you wish to create your ladder shelf easier and you don’t have all the equipment they use in this tutorial video you can make your own version of it. If you already have one of those decorative ladders at home you can attach a board into each step of the ladder to create more room for different objects.

It is quite possible that you’ll end up sharing your first apartment with someone else and that’s when the real struggle begins if you have only a small space to share. This room divider not only looks nice but it will give both of you some more privacy and it’s extremely easy to make. This project won’t take you long. Even if you don’t have a room mate you might still want to consider this project since you might have a friend visiting you in the future or maybe you just want to use it as a piece of decoration. No matter what your reasons are this is a great easy project that can come in handy specially when sharing your apartment with someone else.

This is another one of those recycle projects that will blow your mind. We all can benefit from having some extra shelves right? This is an easy DIY projects that you can do with only couple different materials: popsicle sticks, glue and paint. Find out how it’s made from the link above. The great thing about these is that most of us already have some of the materials we need to make this and it looks great! You can make any type of combination of these shelves on your wall. Because of the honeycomb shape it looks great with whatever combination of shelves you decide to go with.

To keep your shoes in order you can create a shoe rack out of wooden fruit basket. These are fairly easy to get to most of us and there are multiple options in decorating them the way you want. It’s an easy and cheap way to make your apartment more organized and it helps to keep it clean.

This project is amazing! This hanging chair is extremely simple for anyone to make at home, it is easy to move if it’s on the way and it won’t take much space. When transforming your apartment into a home you want to use creative ideas that make your life easier and comfortable. If you like reading and hanging out with your friends at your place this will be a nice extra chair for you to use. This chair won’t take you long to make. Use your favorite fabrics and patterns and maybe even create your own pillow on the way. There are so many different options what you can do with this project. Do you like fur? Maybe you should use some soft fur fabric? You don’t need much of it. Maybe you have some old pieces of clothes you would like to re-use on a different purpose? Use your imagination and create this  cool piece of furniture.

Many of us don’t really pay any attention on toilet paper holders but if you change your basic toilet paper holder with couple simple steps you can have more room for storage and maybe your phone or even magazines whatever it is you need more storage for. This super simple toilet paper holder will give you that extra space that anyone could benefit from. If you feel like you don’t need any extra space even then you could use this extra shelf for plants or any other piece of decoration that is your style.

Murphy table is one of the best DIY’s you could possibly do when you are living in a small apartment. You will save SO much space while being able to use this table for homework, dining and other crafts and tasks. This will truly help saving some space since tables are one of the biggest space takers. This tutorial transforms an old picture frame into a table but as well you could use a mirror. If you are lucky you already own an old picture frame that you could use or maybe you’ll find one from the thrift shop near by.


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