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Top 10 Natural makeup brands

Find out the top 10 makeup brands that are the best when it comes to natural makeup. This will really help you get started specially if you have just switched into more natural lifestyle. If you are still wondering why you should invest a little more money into makeup here’s why:

Natural makeup has less toxins like heavy metals and synthetic preservatives! We shouldn’t fully ignore what we put on our skin since it gets into our bodies through skin and can effect our health! Our skin is the largest organ of human body and we should cherish it. Funny fact our skin also helps us get rid of toxins when you sweat! So even thought it can seem like a small thing, natural makeup is a gateway into healthier life.

Honest is a site that provides basically anything you need to create a natural makeup kit. It’s Jessica Alba’s company and she has said she wanted to use fewer harsh chemicals and increase the amount of natural ingredients creating a product that feels & looks good.

RMS was created when the founder Rose-Marie Swift came face to face with health issues. She wanted to create cosmetics with less toxins. Her products use organic ingredients that also have anti-aging properties.

Kjaer Weis provides luxurious products that are certified organic, free of parabens, silicone, and synthetic fragrances.

Ilia which was launched 2011 mostly uses organic ingredients and selects  synthetics that are safe for skin. They promise all their makeup products are not only incredible but have skin care benefits.

100 % Pure is yet another great band that produces cosmetics that only use natural coloring from fruit, vegetables, tea & other plant pigments! Their products are all organic, cold-pressed, without synthetics and unrefined ingredients.

Lawless looks like any other makeup brand with it’s wide rate of highly pigmented colors and cosmetics it provides. These products are free from carcinogenics, toxins & hormone and endocrine disrupting ingredients.

Plain Jane beauty provides cosmetics for all different skin tones! Their plant-based, cruelty-free products are free from synthetic-dye.

W3ll People uses plant-based ingredients with no glycol nor petrochemicals. Their products give you a fine natural makeup look and they feel light & hydrating on your skin.

Alima Pure is all about cruelty-free, organic and natural ingredients. High quality products that are not overpriced.

Au Naturale is another great brand with safe and nourishing cosmetics. You’ll find highly pigmented, cruelty-free & organic products that are non-toxic and paraben-free!
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