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Top 10 DIY Valentine's day gifts for him

It can be a bit hard to decide how to surprise your boyfriend on valentine’s day. If you wish to save some money on his gift and make it special this year you can do it yourself! In this top 10 list you’ll find the best DIY valentine’s day gifts for him that are easy and fairly quick to make!

Kiss cards

Cut small pieces from paper, add some lipstick and kiss each one of them. Then write one reason why you love him behind each card and fill a jar with them.

Picture book

Print pictures you have of the two of you and glue them on black paper. Write something about the pictures with a white pen and add two holes to the side of the paper and combine the pages with strings. If you have polaroid pictures those will work very well in this project.

Date ideas

Fill out a jar with ice cream sticks and write date ideas into each one with a marker. You can decorate the jar with glitter or just wrap a string around the top area to make it look nicer. To get an idea for the jar check out my tutorial here.

Here are some fun date ideas for you: Go to the beach, amusement park, water park, hiking, star gazing, fancy restaurant, boat cruise, climbing, board games, arcade, watch sunset or sunrise, picnic, spa, planetarium, concert.

Open when…

If you like writing letters you’ll love this one. You can write bunch of letters and put them in cute envelopes for your love to open on specific day. For example: Open when… we had an argument, you miss me, open now, when you need a hug, curious of why I adore you, you need a laugh, you can’t sleep, you’re stressed etc.

Love Coupons

If there are some things your significant other wishes from you but most of the time you refuse, well with this gift you can show him some extra loving. To come up with some ideas: Coupon for… back massage, breakfast in bed, foot rub, free wish, dinner on me, winner of an argument, car wash etc.


fill out a box with his favorite goodies! You can’t go wrong with this one.

The 5 senses gift

This one is very popular at the moment and also a bit more expensive. I would say this is definitely the ultimate valentine’s gift for him! To get an idea what gifts to get for each sense:

    • Touch: Massager, ticket to a spa, skin care products.
    • Smell: perfume, diffuser,scented candle.
    •  Sight: a picture, dress up for your husband, movie ticket.
    • Hearing: concert ticket, speakers, instrument.
    • Taste: chocolate strawberries, hot chocolate kit, heart shaped chocolates.

Exploding picture box

This is a great combination of pictures and his favorite goodies or other items you want to place in the center of the box. You can make this yourself at home and print the pictures you want to use! It’s easy, fun and will get him excited the more layers he opens!

Balloon box

For this you will need a huge box filled with heart shaped balloons. When he opens the gift the balloons will fly out of the way and reveal the gift! This will definitely get him excited and create some of that romantic valentine’s vibe!

Treasure hunt

This is very good specially for couples who have been together for a longer time. Attach a string into a gift box that he can start following through the house. On the way to the end he will find several gifts attached to the string. You should attach pieces of paper on the way with different dates and what happened to you two. It is like a timeline of your relationship ending into valentine’s day. For example first gift could be titled ” The day we met” and you add a picture and something to the box that reminds him of that day.

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