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Top 10 Homemade skin care products

To save money and get a soft, glowy and healthy skin you want to create your own skin care products with the right ingredients. Natural homemade skin care products are so much healthier for your body and it really matters what you end up putting on your skin. Many toxins can get into your body through your skin and by making these products yourself you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin. Depending on your skin type choose the best fitting ingredients for you and start a journey into a healthier life with less toxins!

Here’s the top 10 list with all the recipes that you can get creative with. Enjoy!

Sugar, Green tea & honey scrub

1-2 tbsp Green tea. Let it cool.

1 tbsp sugar or enough to create a nice consistency, not too dry or too wet so that it will be easy to apply on your skin.

1 tbsp honey.

Green tea can make you look younger and it has been said to even repair scar tissue whereas honey will moisturize your skin. This will last you about a week in a cool & dry place and don’t forget to wash your face before applying!

Coffee scrub

1 tbsp ground coffee beans

1 tbsp water

This recipe is super simple and many of us can easily do this at home right away. Coffee makes your skin feel softer for it helps you get rid of the dead skin cells and leave you feeling refreshed.

Homemade moisturizer

To make a really long lasting, natural moisturizer you should check out this recipe!

 Natural deodorant

It can be hard to find a natural deodorant that you like. This recipe includes only 3 ingredients: starch, coconut oil and baking soda! It’s an easy recipe and the scent is not too strong. Find the recipe here.

Lip scrub

1/4 cup sugar

1 tsp honey

1 tsp olive oil

1-2 drops peppermint 100% pure essential oil.

Foot scrub

Check out this peppermint foot scrub tutorial to get rid of the dead skin and get nice and soft feet.

Body scrub

Here you’ll find an awesome pink lemonade body scrub that you can use for weeks. Check it out!

Face mask

 1 tbsp raw honey

1-2 drops Lemon essential oil

Let it sit for 15-20 minutes and wash off with warm water.

Face cream

This recipe is specially for dry skin. Here’s an amazing tutorial made by a professional.

Facial mist

Keep your skin hydrated and make this easy Aloe Vera facial mist. Aloe Vera comes in very handy specially in summer since it can help your burned skin.

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