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Best Valentine's day decoration ideas DIY

Make this valentine’s unforgettable and give your house a makeover! Surprise your partner or create a valentine’s day party with these amazing decoration ideas! These DIY ideas will help you save money and create an amazing atmosphere for the holiday. I have gathered the best valentine’s day decoration ideas for you here with tutorials that will help you get started.

Get inspired and plan out the best valentine’s day you have ever had!

Paper flowers

Decorate your house with big or small paper flowers that are extremely easy to make and will help you save money! Get creative and check out the tutorial here!

Little hearts

You can create little hearts from paper and hang them from the roof or create this cute Valentine’s day branch tree! 

Also check out how to make a garland out of paper hearts.


Heart balloons are a must! Even better if you can fill your roof with these beautiful balloons and attach hearts on the ends of the strings! This can really change the look of your room but requires many many balloons.

Neon sign

You can create your own sign and get more romantic and intimate atmosphere in your room. See this tutorial!


Don’t forget the candles! You can create a little path or a heart with them that will catch her/his eye for certain.

Bed canopy

Want to get some extra romantic vibes to your bedroom? Try this easy DIY canopy with some fairy lights.


This is a lot easier to make than you think and that’s what makes it so awesome! Learn to do it here.

Rose pedals

Rose pedals will definitely give you that valentine’s day vibe and it’s such a simple but romantic element in your room.

Big light letters

Big light letters tend to be very expensive but you can save money by making them yourself! Use white foam board or any thicker material you can find. You’ll also need a glue gun, carpet knife and lights. Check out this tutorial.

Balloon arch

Great option specially for a party and fairly easy to make! If you have never made a balloon arch before you can find some help from here.

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