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Best DIY Valentines day gift ideas 2020

Valentines day is finally here! The day when we all get a chance to show our loved ones how much they mean to us! There is still time to figure out what gift to get and in case you want to save money and and make do it yourself you have come to the right place! Here is a list of easy DIY gift ideas for men and women that you can use to surprise them and make this valentines special! Check out these best DIY gift ideas and get ready for valentines!

Number 1.



5 senses gift that includes something for each sense. For example:

    • Touch: Massager, ticket to a spa, skin care products.
    • Smell: perfume, diffuser,scented candle.
    •  Sight: a picture, dress up for your husband, movie ticket.
    • Hearing: concert ticket, speakers, instrument.
    • Taste: chocolate strawberries, hot chocolate kit, heart shaped chocolates.
All you need is some bags or boxes and maybe balloons to really surprise your partner when they walk in the room!
 Number 2.
 Create a Love book yourself or online (
If you like drawing create a cute little book with pictures of you and your partner and all that you’ve been through. No words needed and it will always be amazing to look back to everything you’ve been through. If you want to go even more extreme create a short animation. All you need is pen, paper and a light table or even laptop screen can help you with seeing through the paper. Then you can connect all those pieces together into a video on your phone.
Number 3.
Make a song! I admit not everyone can pull this off but it doesn’t mean it’s not a good gift idea! Maybe you own a guitar or piano? Start playing and try different things, try singing to your song and improvise. You might just come up with nice lyrics or ideas while you are jamming.
Number 4.

Bake something delicious! Valentine’s day recipes for cakes, muffins, biscuits and more you’ll find from here!

Number 5.

Make some body butter at home! Check out how its done here! Every guy or girl can appreciate the effort you put for their gift and even better if you use their favorite scents. This gift is practical and will come in handy in cold winter days!

Number 6.

DIY beard oil for your husband or boyfriend! Find out what ingredients to use here. This is simple, easy and practical. If your partner is not used to getting his own beard oils from the shops this is even better since it’s something he needs to try and who knows, he might love it!

Number 7.

Make this pretty picture frame with simple steps and put your favorite picture of you two in it! All you need is some paper with nice pattern, scissors and glue…and of course the picture of your choice!

Number 8.

A mug that you can decorate yourself and fill with her or his favorite snacks! It’s very simple to make and you most likely already have everything you need for this. If you haven’t heard before how you can decorate your mugs with nail polish check out the tutorial here.

Number 9.

Picture explosion box! You may have heard of it and you can buy them but it’s not too hard to make yourself. Check out this tutorial video and fill the center with some yummy goodies!

Number 10.

Fill out a box or a jar with “reasons why I love you“! This one is one of the most simple gift ideas but still one of the most powerful ones. To get inspired check out this video!

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