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Are you an early bird or a night owl? Well many of us like staying in bed until we got that 10 minutes to get ready. So we don’t always have the time we need to get ready and put together the usual daily makeup look. But that’s totally ok. With these 15 beauty tips you can get ready quickly and look like you spend more time on getting ready than you actually did. You’ll look put together, your hair looks great and people will wonder how you manage to do all that every single morning.

With these tips you can change your overall look. Us night owls can really struggle with getting ready in the morning in time and we just give up! These tips are here to help you to get the look you desire when you leave for work or school. Feel good & confident when you step out of that door and maintain the look you wish for yourself everyday!

1. Put on an overnight moisturizer when going to sleep and then you’ll be ready for makeup in the morning.

2. Use a microfiber towel after shower. It will dry your hair so much faster than a regular one. This step will decrease the amount of time you use blow-drying your hair.

3. In-shower moisturizer will help you skip one more time-consuming part of your morning routine.

4. Use a cleansing conditioner that has the shampoo and conditioner in one bottle.

5. Have all your makeup organized and ready for the morning the day before.

6. Use less makeup products. One product can work for example as lipstick, blush and even eyeshadow.

7. Use all-in-one cream as your foundation instead of several different products.


8. If eyeliner is part of your daily makeup you might want to give a try to these eyeliners that can create the cat wing for you by just one push.

9. Even if you don’t have time for makeup you can always rely on a nice red lipstick. That will simply make you look more put together and as if you spend more time on getting ready.

10. If you are used to false eyelashes but don’t have time to put them on you can just curl your eyelashes and put some mascara on. It will give your eyes a nice look and you can skip the eyeshadow.

11. To save time on your brows use a brow mascara. It will take less time than the usual pencil & powder technique.

12. Braid your hair when you are going to bed and in the morning you’ll have nice wavy hair.

13. Instead of using brushes use your fingers applying. It will take less time, works as well and you don’t have to worry about finding the right brush.

14. Skip all the hair straightening and curling and do a quick low bun in the morning! 

15. And the last tip is planning ahead. If you have only 5-10 minutes time in the morning cause you love sleeping like I do just choose a couple of products to create your look, take time and finish with wrapping your hair in a nice bun.

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