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Most popular Cheap perfumes for men

There are so many fragrances out there it’s hard to know which ones are the best. After gathering some information about men’s favorite fragrances and the most popular and complimented perfumes I came to a conclusion that there are several cheap perfumes that deserve more recognition. Yes, you don’t necessarily have to buy expensive perfumes to get a great long lasting product.

If you wonder why you should even use any perfumes then the answer is simple. Perfumes can increase the attractiveness of a person and even tho the number one thing is to of course take care of hygiene you can really change the way other people see you by adding some perfume. It’s a small thing to do but it can have a great effect on the people surrounding you. So here are the most popular cheap perfumes for men that will make you stand out from the crowd.

A nice moderate but long lasting tobacco fragrance would be the “ck one Shock for men”. It will get you compliments and it also has a fresh spicy & amber scent strong in it. Very good choice for a date or night out. Get it from Amazon here.

Versace Dreamer is another great long lasting fragrance for confident men. It’s has tobacco, lavender & tonka bean that many people like. Get it from Amazon here.

Sean John’s Unforgivable is another great citrus scent for summer and you can wear it day & night. It’s moderate fragrance that few dislike. Get it here on Amazon.

Jaguar Pace is another cheap but great fragrance that has a nice fresh spicy scent. This is the one for men who want to create more of that shower fresh effect. Performance is above average so this one is really nice. Get it from Amazon here.

Davidoffs cool water is another great fresh & clean scent! Jaguar Pace is a more of a soapy & spicy option but this one has some sea water, lavender, mint and green notes. It’s very fresh and will still get you compliments! Great choice for summer. Get it from Amazon here.

F Ferraggamo Black is a really good fragrance with a good performance. It goes nicely in winter, spring, fall and day & night so it could be a great signature fragrance. This one has apple, black pepper, coriander, tonka bean, lavender and labdanum as it’s ingredients. Only few dislike. Great great choice.

Black Leather by Honorine Blanc Mercedes-Benz has a strong leather & amber scent. It’s more unique but moderate scent that many love. It’s great for winter & fall and day & night.

Lacoste Blanc is very fitting for younger men. It has a strong citrus & floral scent mixed with leather and wood. This one is a nice moderate summer & spring fragrance. Get it here on Amazon.

Perry Ellis 360 red for men is another citrus scent with cinnamon, orange and lavender mixed to it. It’s a fresh spicy moderate scent. Very fitting for summer and spring. Fantastic compliment getter scent for men that lasts about 2 hours. Get it here from Amazon.

Casual, watery scent for everyday use would be Aqva Pour Homme Marine. Great moderate scent for summer & day time. Get it here on Amazon.

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