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About 85 percent of people between the ages of 12 – 24 experience at least minor acne. It’s most common skin condition in the US so it’s safe to say that many people are in need for a relief. Skincare products mask the main issue so you don’t want to waist all your money on that. Just like Panadol can help for a little while it doesn’t fix the main source of the pain. It’s your body showing you that everything is not alright.

There are different things you can try and some work better with others but one thing we all can change is what we put in our bodies. I know some products might have helped you a little but if you are here today I believe you are looking for a long term healing for acne.

There are countless of videos how people got rid of their skin condition by simply eating healthy. Since acne is a breakout you want to start the healing from the inside. Eating healthy can be expensive and when I say healthy I don’t mean what most people would call healthy. We are going to focus on the healing of fruits and vegetables! You can eat meat and be healthy but if you are already sick and you want the healing for your body it’s good to focus on all those natural & organic fruits, berries, veggies! That’s how simple it is and it has helped many.

Many many people eat more meat than they should and other much more unhealthier stuff like gluten and sugar without even realizing how unhealthy it is for them. Did you know it takes many days to get rid of sugar addiction? It can be hard changing your diet but it’s worth it if you want to get rid of acne and get a glowing, healthy & younger looking skin. At this point many people will be skeptical but what can you lose? There are several cultures that had no acne among them because of their eating habits! Try this out and see how it helped others. Do your own research on this topic.

To get started I’ll give you 5 tips:

  1. A simple diet is easier for your stomach to digest. You can have a meal by just eating one ingredient like a lot of veggies or your favorite fruit.
  2. You might also want to try detoxing by water fasting or juice fasting so that your body starts cleaning all the toxins out.
  3. Anti-inflammatory diet is basically what you want to try. It means you’ll be eating alkaline foods like veggies and fruits.
  4. you want to focus on drinking only water or organic juice without anything added to it. Definitely stay away from sodas, any type of milks & other sugary drinks. And remember to drink enough!
  5. Try to decrease stress by taking time for yourself and relax. Have a massage, relaxing music, focus on your breathing, have a nice foot bath to mention few. the scent of lavender can also decrease anxiety!

You might wanna check out these following videos and create a nice diet for yourself! I hope these videos will inspire you and you get ready for this journey for a healthier body.

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Diet that led to transformation in 6 weeks.

Worst foods for acne.

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