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Top 10 most popular perfumes every man should have

These top 10 most popular perfumes are all for different occasions. You might want to have at least one for day & one for night time or you could play with different seasons. Some fragrances fit only the winter time, some only summer. You also might want to have a sweet fragrance and a fresh fragrance for different purposes. Sometimes when you want to create that shower fresh effect you would obviously go with the fresh one! So there are plenty of different opportunities to play with various fragrances and here are the best 10 options you should take a look at!

Well why should you use fragrances to begin with? A nice perfume can really change the way people see you. Your scent can make you appeal more attractive or it could drive people away. You know how much it effects you when you have met a person with a strong pleasant or unpleasant scent right? So if you wish to appear more attractive why not try using perfumes?

So first we start with a fresh scent. Profumo on the right is stronger, more masculine, watery and long lasting BUT the Aqua Di Gio on the left is more fresh but moderate. Any of these is a good choice and they’ll go well as a daytime fragrance.

If you want another option for daily use that is a safe choice and ladies like it’s the Jaguar Pace. Get a nice shower gel freshness with masculine vibe for any occasion with a good prize. Moderate scent with black pepper, rosemary and green apples creating a fresh spicy, woody & aromatic scent.

If you want as many compliments as you can get one great choice would be Dolce & Gabbana Eau De Perfume. Not an unique one but one that every man should definitely have. This moderate fragrance has amber & tobacco and a nice fresh spicy scent. Ladies love it.

If you are looking for a fragrance for cooler weather you want to try more spicy and warm fragrances like this Spicebomb Extreme. It has that fresh spiciness, tobacco and sweet vanilla scent. It’s also a strong and long lasting scent.

Ultra Male Jean Paul Gautier would be a good choice for night time. Sweet vanilla, fruity and aromatic scent with some cinnamon create a nice fitting fragrance for winter time as well. It’s strong and long lasting and many many women love it. Another alternative would be this very nice fragrance that fits specially for younger men and is extremely popular: Eros Versace! (Eros has that special Ambroxan as well! ) Both long lasting, heavy scents.

When you want something for a date night Dior Sauvage is a great choise and to be honest goes with many occasions. Eau de perfume is kind of spicy and warm so it might fit better on winter time. Women love it & it’s very popular for a reason.

Prada L’Homme is a high class & clean fragrance for spring & summer time. It’s a really nice, fresh, long lasting & moderate fragrance.

Fruity & masculine fragrance for summer would be Creed Aventus. It has leather, pineapple and birch tree & musk as some of the ingredients. Many women like it. You’ll get a lot of compliments.

Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme Chanel is one of those you can wear basically always and many many people will love it. It’s great daytime / summer fragrance with aromatic woody scent. It has mint, mandarin orange and tonka bean as some of it’s ingredients.

La Nuit de l’Homme is a great fragrance for winter / fall time And more for the night time. Vetiver, cardamom, cedar wood and lavender are some of the ingredients that create this incredible moderate & long lasting mixture that only few would dislike.

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