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Top 10 Easy DIY decor on a budget for teens

So here are the top 10 easy DIY decor ideas on a budget you can use to make your room look unique while saving money. These are great for teens and young adults and some of these could be great even as a gift for your best friend!

The best thing about these tutorial is that anyone can do these. It really doesn’t matter how old you are if you find these ideas appealing. Every projects has a link to a tutorial video to get you started right below the picture. Whether you just want to do something useful on your free time or you want to surprise your friend with a gift these ideas will work as an inspiration. Sounds good? Here’s the best ideas you should try!

This is a nice decorative calendar that will come in handy for anyone! Don’t waist your time doing something else when you could have this cute piece on your table by the end of the day.

Right after the first one we have another one made out of popsickle sticks! This one is very easy to make and you can use your favorite colors. It looks great on your table or you can use it as a shelf and make it into any size you need. Check out the tutorial!

These cute lamps are so easy to make it should be illegal! They look so good in your room and you can make them as big as you can blow a balloon!

Pompoms are so soft and cozy. This mattress is not even hard to make and you’ll be ready by the end of the day!

Looks like store bought? And just like this cup is made you can use the technique with a plant pot. It is so easy and a unique gift idea.

This chair is so unique and you’ll be able to finish it in no time! Use your favorite fabric and decorate it with a cute pillow.

These storm cloud lamps are very popular now and easy to make!

It looks cute in your room and it’s easy to make in about an hour depending how big of a letter you want.

These are so cute am I right! Make your favorite character from an empty Pringles can and use it as a pencil case or a holder!

This is fully made out of paper and looks nice! It is a fine piece of decoration and you can use it in the edges of your mirror to give it a new look. Sounds fun huh?

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