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Link for the Christmas jar DIY 

I finally got a cute frame for our wedding polaroid pictures! This is one of the most simple DIY projects you can possibly do and get a cute frame for your pictures! Maybe even frame a picture of you and your bestie and give it as a gift? You can decide yourself how big you want your frame. The same technique goes with bigger papers but this particular frame is made out of A4.

So how easy is this? Does it take a long time? What do you need to make it? Takes about 10 minutes, all you need is a nice piece of paper with a pattern and scissors & glue. Here’s how I did it.

So choose a nice pattern you like. I chose this golden one since it fits the wedding theme perfectly and has a nice shiny effect on it.

So here we go. It’s all about folding the paper. First fold it in half and again until you have divided it into 4 parts.

Do the same thing for the other side.

This is what your paper should look like right now and your picture will go in the middle section.

Get your scissors and cut the corners off.

Once again we start folding and fold this one into 4 sections.

As seen in the picture add some glue and push that against the bottom creating one edge of the frame.

Cut these extra corner pieces so that they wont be in our way and do the same folding to these edges.

So now make sure your frame wont fall apart and put some glue to attach the edges to each other and you can use the extra leftover paper on covering those holes on top & bottom corners.

Add your picture and enjoy!

You can find a tutorial for the jar next to the frame from here: Christmas Candle Jar DIY

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