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Simple DIY candle jar

If you love holiday crafts, DIY gifts and specially giving your old jars a new purpose then this is for you. For many of us Christmas is the time of the year when we bring out the old candle jars and light the candles but it’s always nice to have some candles light up no matter what time of the year it is. Now would be a good time to give the old pickle jars a new purpose. It Wont take you long and you’ll be finished with this beautiful glitter candle jar. Who doesn’t like glitter?! Get creative and add different things on it! My plan is to make more with different words like love, faith and hope. These are so easy to make that you can create candle jars for different occasions and seasons. All depending on what materials you can find from the stores.

Are you excited yet? Here’s how I did it!

Here we have all the necessary things you need: Some school glue, a jar, rope, white glitter, wooden words and some type of artificial flower or berries, whatever you wish! (And don’t forget the paintbrush!) I basically found everything I need from Big W.

  1. And this is how your jar will look like after fist step of painting it with glue and sprinkling the glitter on top! You might want to add an extra layer.

2. Next you want to glue this into your jar and start pulling the rope around the top.

3. Make sure the rope covers the ugly top part and don’t be afraid to use enough glue.

4. You are almost done! How easy was that?! Attach the bow and whatever other words or charms of your choice!

5. Enjoy!


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