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Winter is finally here and for many of us it means we could use indoor gardens. It’s grey and dark outside and it’s going to take a while until we get back to spring. If you have been wondering how you could add some more fresh nature elements into your decoration here you’ll find some good DIY house plant ideas. From indoor gardens to macrame plant hangers.

For some people indoor gardens will be always the only option depending where they live and I can only recommend it. You can also save money and get more organic ingredients for cooking because we know how quickly a bunch of coriander or basil can go bad after you buy it. Most of all these following ideas are for decorating purposes. In the end couple of plants can really change the look in your home and they don’t have to be hard to take care of. If you really are bad with plants you can always rely on artificial flowers. Get creative and have fun!

From this link you’ll find a tutorial on building your own indoor water garden.

There are many different versions of this wall succulent planter but this is one of the cheapest options you can find!

Another type of succulent planter made out of a cute bowl. This is easy to make and you can get as creative as you want with this one.

Do you own some used light bulbs? You can create an amazing touch to your home with them by turning them into small terrariums! Put these on your table or hang them from the roof. You could as well use some fake light bulbs you can find from the stores. Light bulbs are nowadays a very popular piece in decoration.

Do you enjoy making macrames? Make these cute, quick & easy macrame plan hangers at home!

You can do so many cool things with clothespins! Try this tutorial and give a new look to your old flower pots.

These tiny terrarium bottles are like a piece of art on your desk.

Layered sand can look amazing! Create these super simple succulent planters at home in no time.

Check out this video tutorial how to make your own himmeli and use it as a plant hanger.

This shelf is made out of ice creams ticks so don’t throw them away! This cute honeycomb shelf will work nicely with your indoor plants.

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