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20 Best gift ideas for her 2020 + DIY


Best DIY gifts included!

Many of us know the feeling when you see that your pal didn’t quite like your gift. To avoid this situation I have made a list where you can find the best gift ideas for women, teens, moms or for example your best friend!

I find it easy choosing gifts for women since I happen to be a woman myself. But even then there are many different types of women with different interests and not everyone will like the same stuff. I made picking a suitable gift easier for you and gathered 20 best gift ideas for 2020. What makes them the best is that some of them are popular now and many of them are suitable for basically anyone.

Some of the following are DIY gifts for people who rather do something creative themselves and save money! These DIY gifts are suitable for almost everyone and you’ll find a tutorial from the link underneath each photo.

Best gift ideas for her:

This my friend is a tutorial for a home made Lip Balm. It’s such a great gift idea because anyone could use it! You can’t go wrong with this one.

Oh how we love Pandora! If your friend doesn’t already have a bracelet from Pandora she just might enjoy it. Even better after that you can start giving her a new piece for her bracelet every birthday!

A wallet or a bag will come in handy and I know several women who have a serious bag obsession!

Have you heard of the Nail Dip kits? Well this technique is getting very popular and you can get professional looking & long lasting nails at home and save money! If you know a nail enthusiastic they’ll love to try this one!

Ariana Grande’s perfume has become very popular this year and if you know someone who loves her music she will surely love this fan package of her’s.

This is a tutorial for a body butter that you can make at home! It will most likely get used pretty quickly this time of the year when the air is cold and dry.

Many of us know someone who loves fitness and spends most of her time in the gym. Make her happy this Christmas by giving her some new gym equipment!

Some people can’t stand strong fragrances but many of us love scented candles and diffusers. This one is an easy option that many will like.

Do you know someone who loves taking selfies and doesn’t have the money for expensive equipment? They would definitely benefit from this one.

Another gift idea that includes lights is this fine mirror with lights! If your friend always has to go to the bathroom to get ready or she looks at herself from a tiny mirror maybe it’s time to update her mirror collection.

We all would benefit from a nice hair dryer and other hair related equipments. If you know her well and you know she needs to update her hair curler or her hair straightener has seen better days you might wanna consider this one.

New year is about to start and the old diary is most likely filled through out the margins. If they never really have had a diary maybe you’ll inspire them this year with this gift.

We have been going backwards in time when it comes to the evolution of cameras. Do you know someone who is too lazy to get all her amazing picture out from her computer? She would save some time using a camera that prints the pictures out immediately am I right?

This waterproof shower speaker is for a friend who seems to listen to music non stop. Maybe you already know someone who listens music in the shower by using her phone. Congratulations you have found the perfect gift!

There are plenty of options when it comes to beauty bags and Victoria’s Secret is one of my favorites. Next time you see her focus a bit more on the condition of her beauty bag.

This is an easy option that many most likely will enjoy! Skincare products! We all need to take care of our skin right? Specially in this time of year when the air gets dry.

Another DIY scented candle! This one has a rosemary-grapefruit scent. Maybe do your own little twist and use her favorite scents?

This Galaxy Notebook is another good DIY project you can do. Looks like store bought and will specially come in handy at school.

Looks amazing right? And you can make this at HOME with ingredients you most likely already own.

This yummy pumpkin spice lip scrub is easy to make at home and will definitely be a great gift for anyone! Click the link and maybe make some for yourself too.

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