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20 Best gift ideas for him including DIY



Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas or valentines day you are facing the same issue. What to get for your dad, brother, boyfriend or husband? Well you have come to the right place! I have struggled with the same issue year after year until I came up with some pretty good ideas that you can use any birthday or holiday season.

Since not everyone wants to buy something expensive I gathered some DIY ideas to the list as well. There are so many options that I’m sure you’ll find a suitable gift!

This set is amazing gift for anyone but if the price seems too high you could as well focus on getting him a good quality bath robe. They are surprisingly comfortable and come in handy. He will most likely appreciate it.

Nowadays almost everyone has a fitbit and it’s an amazing gift idea if you know someone who doesn’t have one yet. Even if they did maybe it’s time for an updated version!

If you wonder what was men’s fragrance of the year it was definitely Dior’s Sauvage. Magazines praised this perfume so if you feel like you would like your husband to try a new fragrance this is definitely the one!

This gift is a creative alternative for a traditional gift basket. What else do you need more than some slippers that’ll keep your toes warm in winter?

DIY beard oil is one of my favorite ideas! It is easy and quick to make and still a very unique gift idea.

Is he a fan of chocolate & Coke? Then you’ll make him real happy with this one!

Many guys seem to Love BBQ …and who wouldn’t? Support their passion with this BBQ kit. It will blow their minds! And if BBQ isn’t his thing I’m sure you’ll find another food related gift basket for him!

Oh so he likes coffee and hot chocolate? Well now is your chance to get creative and create some fun and cute mugs for him to use next year!

You might have heard of this and you can buy these Explosion Boxes online but why waist your money on that when you can do it yourself with couple simple steps? Surprise your loved ones with this unique gift and store some of their favorite goodies in the middle!

Yes, you definitely should use the fact that he has a beard as a reason to get him a nice grooming kit or other beard products !

Most likely you know at least one guy who loves playing games, well give him something he loves! One of the new games that has become very popular in a short period of time is the ” JEDI Faller order” .

Some guys prefer reading over movies or games. Well if he doesn’t know Jo Nesbo get him one of his books! The Snowman starts a long series of murder mystery books that’ll take your breath away and keep you reading!

I got this for my husband on his birthday and he absolutely loved it! He is a friend of practical gifts so if you know someone with a crappy old wallet this just might be the gift for him.

UBL is a great brand when it comes to bluetooth speakers. Most likely he will end up using this one several times during the year if you know he likes to listen to music.

Anyone who likes fishing would appreciate this type of a gift. Give them a reason to spend more time with their favorite hobby.

We know guys treat their shoes like they were made out of gold. Figure out their shoe size and check out the 5 best sneaker trends video that helps you choose your favorites!

Watches..they are practical for a busy man. They can bring some elegance to his look and there are plenty to choose from with cheap and expensive options.

Ray Ban is a great brand when it comes to sunglasses. If you wish to give him a long lasting, good quality sunglasses look no further.

Drink bottle or a thermos? You decide. This is a very practical gift that will surely come in handy.

None of the gifts above didn’t seem to be right for him? Well we saved the best for last! Because socks and underwear will always be a good last option since they are practical and come in handy. If you choose this option maybe you want to try and get the best quality you can find. I would recommend Calvin Klein as one of my favorites!

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