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When you are looking for a sensual & masculine fragrance that women will love you should look for these following ingredients: Agarwood, oud, oukmoss, spices, metal & leather and one very special ingredient Ambroxan! In the following list you’ll find 10 great men’s fragrances that will turn you from “ok” to “amazing” ! Two of the following include Ambroxan and the others have some of the other important ingredients that women have said to be their favorite notes on men. They can boost your masculinity or create a shower fresh effect. I believe you should have at least one of the following.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male is a very strong masculine fragrance. It has tonka bean, mint, cardamom, bergamot & vanilla to mention few of it’s ingredients. It is sweet spicy and aromatic and especially long lasting. 8/10 Get it here on Amazon.

Dior Sauvage is a great fragrance with Ambroxan as one of the ingredients but it has become a bit generic since many people use it. Even then we shouldn’t forget why it’s so popular, it is a great choice and I can only recommend this one. Because of it’s unique masculine scent and ambroxan i’ll give it a 10/10! Note also that women seem to like the fresh Toilette version more. Get it here on Amazon.

Tobacco Oud from Tom Ford has agarwood, tobacco, spicy notes, whiskey and sandalwood as some of it’s ingredients. It is different, unique, daring and women love a strong confident man. Smells like a warm spicy, tobacco and oud with whiskey. 8/10 Get it here on Amazon.

Acqua Di Gio Profumo Giorgio Armani is a unique shower fresh scent that combines sea notes, bergamot, incense and rosemary. It’s a great choice if you are looking for a more fresh, long lasting scent to add on your collection. And it’s great at night. This one deserves many many compliments! 9/10 Get it here  on Amazon.

Guerlain L’Homme Ideal is different than other fragrances! If you want to stand out more and still smell great you’ll want to try this one. It has deserved it’s compliments. Cherry, tonka bean, leather, vanilla and almonds! This one is creative and unique. You will get a sweet almond and cherry scent from this one and ladies love it. 9/10 Get it here on Amazon.

Emperio Armani Stronger With You is a great fragrance with aromatic, warm spicy and sweet, strong vanilla scent. It has cardamom, pink pepper and cedar wood to mention few and it is long lasting & perfect for night time. 8/10 get it from Amazon here.

Eros versace has a green, fresh spicy and aromatic vanilla scent to it. It is popular and many many women love it. It is great also because it has some of that ambroxan with mint, tonka bean as well as apple & lemon. It has oakmoss, vetiver and cedar wood as well and the combination creates a nice sweet & fresh scent. It’s a good choice & you can’t go wrong with this one. 9/10 Get it here on Amazon.

Prada L’Homme smells like clean shower fresh & masculine. You could also describe it soapy but luxurious. Good daytime fragrance that gives a super fresh effect. It’s floral, woody and fresh spicy and many women fall in love with it. Cardamom, neroli, iris, amber and violet & cedar is strong in this one. It’s a long lasting moderate fragrance. Everyone should have this as a day to day fragrance. 8/10 Get it here on Amazon.

Spice bomb extreme Victor & Rolf reminds me a little bit of Christmas time and is nice in winter. It has a fresh spicy tobacco and vanilla scent. It is sweet and long lasting. Many women simply love it. 7/10 Get it here on Amazon.

Ultra Male Jean Paul Gaultier for men is an amazing sweet, aromatic, fruity, vanilla scent. This makes women fall in love with you! Some might think it’s too sweet but it is definitely for men. This will make you remembered and more attractive for women. It is also great for school, night time or day time! Long lasting and has a nice cinnamon, pear & vanilla scent to it. 9/10 You totally should have it. Get it here in Amazon.

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  1. Kindly classify best men fragrances season wise.
    In our country summers are pretty long.
    What is your pick for best summer fragrances.
    Stay blessed & safe.

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