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Top 10 Best perfumes for women

If you are  a perfume fanatic like me you will come to find this list very helpful. I have gathered best perfumes for women that are great for different occasions and some as a signature perfume that you could use all year round. Yes, one perfume can be enough but as a fanatic it’s great to play with different fragrances am I right? Here you’ll find out what scents are best for cool & hot seasons, night & day time or fall and spring.

I picked these following fragrances because they are popular and unique perfumes that many love and very few dislike. Some of these are so popular you could still blend in and some are more daring. All of them have a great scent that has it’s own uniqueness when comparing to others.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue intense. It has nice citrus, apple and floral scent. It’s a classy refreshing day time, summer & spring fragrance. Sadly just a moderate fragrance but it will still turn heads. Fairly popular. Get it here on Amazon.

Viva La Juicy Noir is a great night time fragrance. It smells amazing! It has for example a nice fruity, sweet & feminine white floral scent to it. It’s pretty moderate and you just can’t stop wanting to smell it.

Viva La Juicy Gold Couture is another great fragrance you can use day & night, on spring, fall or winter. It’s very sweet and also has a white floral scent to it. It’s a safe choice that will turn heads and is very popular. This one is a good choice but Noir is a bit stronger. Get it here on Amazon.

Stand out with Feve Delicieuse by Christian Dior. It is a nice unique, seductive fragrance. It’s also strong and very long lasting. It has a strong vanilla scent. This one will definitely get you compliments.

This sweet gourmand scent is definitely an intimate & sensual scent that many many men will love. So you might want to wear Hugo Boss The Scent Private Accord For Her more at night time or on a date. Sadly it’s not long lasting so you might have to apply more after couple hours but it’s definitely unique scent that many men will fall in love with. It has a nice chocolate mandarin scent. Get it from Amazon here.

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel can make you seem more attractive & sophisticated. It’s great for spring & fall, day & night and it’s a moderate, long lasting, fresh, unique scent that men will compliment. White floral scent also can make women appeal slimmer! Get this fragrance here on Amazon.

Armani Code Cashmere. This mixture includes a nice white floral & almond scent with some leather. It is a seductive scent that totally belongs to winter & fall time. You can imagine yourself & your husband in a cabin with a fireplace on snowy winter day. That’s where this fragrance really is in it’s element. Get it here on Amazon.

Good Girl Carolina is a safer choice that many love and it goes well on spring, fall, winter, night & day! It has a strong scent of white florals, sweetness & cacao and it’s long lasting heavier scent that will get you many compliments. get it here on Amazon.

Mon Guerlain is a great day time fragrance specially for spring but goes well on winter & fall as well. It’s unique, sophisticated scent that every wife should have. Long lasting moderate scent with lavender, almond and vanilla! The lavender makes it unique and more mature. This one is a super attractive, creative fragrance. Get it here on Amazon.

Poison Girl from Dior is one of those fragrances some men love. It’s seductive, sensual, sweet and long lasting heavier scent. It has some vanilla & almond that makes it gourmand but it’s not too sweet. You could use this specially at night but it’s great all seasons and in all occasions. time. It lasts about 8 hours and fits better on younger women. Get it here on Amazon.

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