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Top 10 DIY Ornament ideas


Make a unique Christmas tree!

So you want to try something new this Christmas? You want to get creative and get your favorite ornaments that you have always wanted? In that case I’m happy to let you know that you have come to the right place! Here are the top 10 best tutorials for some awesome ornament ideas that you can make from the coziness of your own home.

Whether you love snow globes or paper crafts you’ll find an easy tutorial to create all the pretty and creative ornaments. It’s easier than you might think and you can do these ornaments using your favorite materials and colors! If I didn’t get you excited enough yet wait until you see all of these 10 ornament ideas that will give your Christmas tree that special shine this year.

These cute gift packets are a nice addition to your Christmas tree. They are simple enough to make and use any material or add a little bit of sparkle on top!

Do you like paper crafts? Well then you’ll most likely fall in love with this ornament! It is extremely simple and you have a countless numbers of options in creating your own paper ornament with this technique.

..How I LOVE this one! It is amazing how you can make several different snow globe ornaments and create your favorite little village inside. The more time you are willing to spend among these the better it gets and you can add as many details as you want!

You might have already used this technique with lamps but it is as good with ornaments! All you need is a balloon, string and some glue and after the glue dries you can decorate your ornament however you want!

These look so cute! You can make any size you want and all you need is basically some paper and whatever glitter or colors you wish to use on it! You can also make some out of the pages of an old book and add a little ribbon on top if you like. There are countless amount of options with this one!

This tutorial teaches you how you can make this cute pine cone ornament. It’s easy and you get to unleash the more creative side of you.

If you didn’t like the paper ornament earlier maybe you’ll like this one? It’s fun to make and simple enough to finish several for your Christmas tree.

Do you like using fabrics? Well in this fake pine cone tutorial you get to use different fabrics of your choice and create these cute ornaments. It’s a nice choice for someone who wants something more than the same old regular pine cone.

It’s beautiful and fun to make and that’s not all because you can make this from fabric or paper! The tutorial is a no-sew one so you’ll create this piece quickly.

Last but not least for the friends of macrame! These cute snowflakes would look amazing on your Christmas tree and all you need is some string while watching your favorite TV shows!

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