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DIY Crochet Gift ideas

Do you like doing crochets? If you have never tried it you might wanna start with some of the following ideas. Some of these 10 crochet ideas are fairly easy and quick to make but there are some that require more work and also maybe a little more experience. So there are ideas for everyone and you’ll find free patterns from the links.

Don’t forget that you can give these as a  well appreciated gift for you loved ones. You’ll find gift ideas for children, friends or for example your mom! This is definitely one of those DIY project you should try. If it’s your first time it almost surely won’t be your last since it’s so easy to get hooked!

Check out these 10 best DIY crochet gift ideas I found:

This cute & small cat purse is quick to make and will come in handy whether it’s for your grandchild or your sister.

This is an EASY TO MAKE plant hanger that anyone would love to have! It’s a practical gift and would suit specifically for someone who is enthusiastic about decoration.

These boot cuffs look awesome and keep you warm in winter. If you live in a cold country these are a fine gift that give shoes a new look!

Basically any kid would most likely fall in love with this one! It is a challenging but even more a rewarding gift idea.

This blanket would be absolutely amazing for someone who likes the vintage vibe. This piece has become very popular. It is a huge project but not as hard as it seems.

Whether you live in a warm country or wanna get ready for the summer this is a great gift idea! Choose your favorite color and make this fashionable shell bag for your friends. They’ll love it!

This dragonfly pattern is absolutely beautiful and if the shell theme is not your favorite maybe try this one?

This might be one of my favorites! It is so cute and surely will be worn in the cold winter breeze.

If you wish to put some more time and effort for the gift this could be the one for you. It is a great option for your friend, sister or mother and will get worn out!

Last but not least we have this quick & easy toy that any child would adore! Make someone very happy this Christmas by giving them this cute & soft friend.

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