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I gathered some of my favorite Christmas crafts for you to try at home this Christmas. If you love decorating, Christmas and learning new skills then you’ll surely enjoy this! You might just learn some new cool techniques you can use in the future. So find out all the best wreath diy’s and other cool decoration ideas and turn your home into a winter wonderland!

You’ll find a tutorial for each diy below the pictures!

You’ll want to put a little time on these cute present pillows since they will last you year after year! Even better you can use these on birthday parties and basically any holiday! This is definitely one of my favorite ideas.

Damasklove presents you this wonderful & easy tutorial for a hula hoop sized wreath! Yes you heard me right! If you love doing paper crafts and you just happen to have a hula hoop in the closet this is a wonderful diy for you. Such a creative ideas and definitely one of the easiest ideas on this list.

Who thought you could recycle your old toilet paper rolls in such a creative way? Make this cute rose wreath at home in no time! It looks amazing and no one will realize what you have made it of.

This wreath looks like store bought and it’s made out of coffee filters! yes you heard me right! This is so cute and fluffy and would look great with lights in it.

Get creative and make your own little snow globe world underneath a cheese dome! Imagine this on your table. Little but beautiful detail that will create some of that winter wonderland vibe.

Who thinks cinnamon belongs to Christmas? What about candles? If you do you’ll enjoy these simple but unique candles. These are one of my personal favorites, so easy to make but in all simplicity they are so beautiful.

This is not an ordinary ornament, it’s made out of a jar lid! Another recycling idea to add to your list. Can you come up with a better idea for an old jar lid? Me neither!

These cheap & simple Christmas trees are made out of paper in no time!

You like to focus on small details? Maybe try this one and make these cute little clothespins.

Instead of throwing out your old wine bottles you might wanna save them…after all you can make cool Christmas decorations out of them!

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