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Do you feel like you would like to give your home a new look for 2020 but decorating is so expensive? Don’t worry, these 10 DIY home decoration ideas will give your home that new look and with a little cost. Get creative and use these ideas in your own way. In this list you’ll find DIY projects from easy to challenging and quick to time consuming ideas. There is a big variety for different purposes so that you can choose the right project depending how much you would like to change the look of your home. Many of these projects are easy enough for anyone to do and the tutorial videos are here to help you get started. Get inspired and start the project of your dreams.

You’ll find a link to each tutorial under every picture. Enjoy!

These floating cloud lights have become super popular very quickly and no wonder since they look amazing! You might be wondering how hard it is to make but I assure you anyone can handle this project.

This simple star is going to give your room that modern look you desire and will be done quickly. It’s a fun little projects that can also be relaxing to make.

This amazing flower wall will make your guests gasp. Use your favorite colors and flowers and maybe even add some lights!

This furry stool is quickly done and you can do this to any chair of your choice!

Wow! If you want to continue with the rose theme this is a good choice and it’s definitely not hard to do.

Make this designer lamp at home and it will change the look of the entire room!

You don’t see room dividers often but doesn’t it look good? It might come in handy specially if you’re sharing your room with someone.

You want a new look on your wall? Well if you are ready to put some more time in this project you’ll get to enjoy this scallop wall for long time!

If you haven’t tried this honeycomb shelf yet you got to! It will take you only few minutes to make and you can recycle old ice cream sticks!

Do you want a cool hipster look in your bedroom? This simple change will give your room that cool vibe. It is not for everyone but surely is a cool option. Try painting this one with a nice hazelnut color.

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