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10 Best seductive women's perfumes

So you might be going on a first date or want to surprise your husband and you wonder what fragrance to use. I have done some research on what women’s perfumes men adore and what ingredients are the best. In general a velvety, soft and classy scents work nicely and you want to stay away from soapy and too powdery fragrances.

Basically the ingredients you are looking for are: Vanilla, tonka bean, white musk, kashmir musk, patchouli, ylang ylang, ambra, peach, toffee, chocolate, labdanum, Orange blossom & spices like cardamom to mention few. You want to check if you can find a perfume with some of these in it or you can just check out the following list of fragrances which all have some of those good ingredients.

Good Girl Carolina 8/10 ! It is absolutely one of my favorites and it will get you compliments! It has for example tonka bean, cacao, musk & vanilla as some of the ingredients. I could describe it as a soft & warm scent. This is also a safe choice since it’s not too strong or too different. Very popular among women. Get it from Amazon here.

Diesels loverdose has some bergamot, orange blossom and patchouli as it’s ingredients. It’s not too well known but many men still like it’s strong scent and it is long lasting. It’s a great choice for it’s cheap prize, effectiveness and nice chocolaty vibe. 8/10 Get from Amazon here.

9/10! And it loses one point only because it’s not so long lasting. Hugo Boss the scent private accord fragrance is unique mixture of chocolate & mandarin! It also has tonka bean & cacao as some of the ingredients. It would be described as warm & spicy and sweet. It’s definitely different and you will be remembered. It’s absolutely seductive scent and goes easily to the top in this list. Get it from Amazon here.

Poison girl from Dior is one that anyone could use anywhere but it’s still a fragrance that has earned compliments and has a strong vanilla, tonka bean and almond scent to it. It’s a safe choice because it is not too different but at the same time it has a really good strong scent. I would recommend this one to younger girls. 8/10 Get it from Amazon here.

Viva La Juicy Noir is another great great choice! This will totally blow their minds! It’s strongest of the Viva La Juicy family and it has caramel, vanilla & wild berries as ingredients. This one will make you stand out! 9/10 Another Viva La Juicy fragrance that you might wanna try is the Gold Couture. Get from Amazon here.

Feve Delicieuse is a VERY unique fragrance from Dior. It is very long lasting and has Vanilla, tonka bean, cacao and bergamot as ingredients. You will stand out with this one so be ready and carry yourself well cause they will be watching and you might get a bit more compliments than usually. No one likes it…they LOVE it and it will last you until the next day. I will give this one 10/10 because it makes you stand out from everyone else in the best possible way!

Praline, vanilla patchouli and pear….that’s what’s in the La Vie Est Belle Lancome for women. Some people love it some don’t like it. It has a sweet & fruity scent with a nice vanilla and anyone could use it. It is a great safe choice. 7/10 Get it from Amazon here.

A nice fresh alternative would be the Coco Mademoiselle from Chanel. Made from patchouli, orange, pergamot and white musk to mention few. This one gives you a really nice shower FRESH scent that creates a very clean feel. It’s not sweet so bear that in mind. If you haven’t really tried anything more in the fresh side and less sweet this is a great option. Men L.O.V.E it. 8/10 Get it from Amazon here.

Another warm scent would be Armani Code Satin. You’ll want to try this one. It has ginger to give a little spiciness and vanilla, cacao & praline. Orange blossom is also a nice touch in this one and men will love it. You should also know that it’s long lasting and more in the sweet side. It might not be something you put on first date but your husband would love it. It’s an intimate/ sensual scent with a chocolate vibe that creates a nice edible scent. 7/10 Get from Amazon here.

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent for women is an extremely popular fragrance and most likely you have at least seen the bottle before. It might be popular but it still definitely deserves compliments. It won’t make you stand out too much but it’s still a nice sweet feminine fragrance with vanilla, coffee, pink pepper and orange blossom. 6/10 Get it from Amazon here.

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  1. This list is sorry list it doesn’t have the most suction fragrance on the market Jimmy Choo “ I want Choo”

  2. You absolutely have my taste in perfumes. I have 6 of them and tried most of them too. 💯 in love with your list. I would also add scandal by night and Burberry Her❤️

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