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Once again one year has passed and people have made new years promises. If you promised to give your home a new look this year maybe you would like to take a closer look at this list. Here are 10 best home renovation ideas and they are absolutely genius!

We love changing the look of our homes by decorating but sometimes that’s not enough. This list will provide you ideas with a bigger scale. You can make your home look more tidy or modern with simple changes but you could as well start a bigger project that will definitely give a new look to the entire room.

Many of the following project are cheap, easy and quick so you’ll finish it before you know it!

It’s amazing how much a little can do to the look of any room. Many of us have this problem even tho it’s so easy to fix! This little project will give your laundry room cleaner and more organized look.

Why waist your money on hiring professionals to do your shower floor when you can EASILY make your own that looks as great? This little project is quick and definitely one of my personal favorites. As I said before: little can do much when it comes to looks and in this case your bathroom.

This is a rope ottoman and it’s basically made out of a tire! If you want this in your living room you’ll be ready in no time and it could be a perfect addition to your decoration.

This cool wood accent wall is easier to make than you think! Check out how they made it and give your home a totally new look. This might take a little longer than many of the other projects on this list but it is definitely worth it.

These lace windows will assure you’ll have some more privacy and they look adorable! This is definitely a unique and creative idea.

You wish your dining table looked like this? Here’s a tutorial how she gave this beautiful makeover.

Are you bored with your kitchen backsplash? Well then you’ll be happy to see how easily you can get a new look that will change the atmosphere in your whole kitchen. This is easier than you would think and fairly quick even. Even better this is one of those projects that has many different colors and shapes to choose from.

If you are willing to spend a bit more time on this you can give your laminate countertops a new makeover that will give them this stone look! I’m definitely amazed by this idea and how creative it is.

If you like this wooden look you can easily get a cool new coffee table made out of wood crates as seen in the picture.


You want a new look on your wall? Well if you are ready to put some more time in this project you’ll get to enjoy this scallop wall for long time. It might be time consuming but it’s easy for anyone to make at home and it gives your room a unique look.


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