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If you have been wondering which one of Ariana Grande’s perfumes is best for you, you have come to the right place. In this review you’ll find out what’s in each of her perfumes and what is the scent actually like. You’ll also find which one is everyone’s favorite perfume!

When it comes to finding a fragrance that will get you men’s attention you want to stay away from the soapy and powdery scents but focus more on warmth and smooth fragrances. Whether you are finding a perfume you’ll like or one that your spouse likes there is something for both purposes.

We are starting with everyone’s favorite fragrance the Cloud! Most people rank this one the highest or at least put it somewhere in the top 3. If you are here wondering what your spouse might like this is the one for you. The scent in Cloud is unique and different from Ariana’s other perfumes with it’s warm & cozy vibe!

This one is more recognizable and has a heavier coconut and chocolate scent to it. It’s a long lasting scent and more mature & soft than the other ones. get it here on Amazon.

Top: lavender, pear, bergamot,
middle: coconut, praline, vanilla orchid,
base: cashmere

Thank U, Next is the newest perfume from Ariana. First you’ll notice the coconut & berry which is pretty strong in it.  It is kind of like a mixture of the Ari and Cloud perfumes. It’s a sweet & fresh mix. Get it here on Amazon.

Top: white pear, white raspberry
middle: crème de coconut, pink rose petals
base: macaroon sugar, velvet musk

Here we have the Sweet Like Candy and the limited edition in a red bottle. You’ll notice that the marshmallow, raspberry & sugar are strong in these. The name describes the scent very well. First comes the fruity smell and dries out more sweet. I would even say sugary whipped cream scent. Get it here on Amazon.

limited edition has red berries as the dominant scent and it’s not as sweet. Musk and amber in this one makes it more interesting and mature but it still has the sugary sweetness. To be honest the difference doesn’t seem to be too big between these two.

Top: sparkling blackberry, Italian Bergamot, pear
middle: jasmine sambac, frangipani, dewy honeysuckle
base: crème de cassis, marshmallow, cashmere woods, sexy vanilla

Frankie is a unisex fragrance and that already gives us a hint of what it’s going to be like. Many would say it is more on the manly side even tho it has a sweetness to it. It has a musk that is in men’s cologne but first you’ll notice the sugary sweetness of it. Not too of a masculine scent but would fit better with a younger man because it does not have the spiciness. It is also more of a mature scent for a woman. Get it here on Amazon.

Top: pink pepper, apricot and pear
middle: wild orchid & cedar
base: sandalwood & musk

Ari is long lasting and fruity sweet scent. You’ll notice the fruits and raspberry smell first and the marshmallow is fairly strong too. It’s not as sweet as Sweet Like Candy but rather fresh and juicy. It is a very basic day to day fragrance. Get it here on Amazon.

Top: crispy pear, juicy raspberry, pink grapefruit,
middle: soft muguet, rose buds, vanilla orchid
base: marshmallow, creamy musk, blonde woods

Last but not least on the list we have the Moonlight. You could describe it as a warmer & sweet scent but also more mature. First you’ll get the sweet scent and the vanilla is strong when it dries down. The sandalwood & vanilla makes it more mature and it also has kind of a creamy vibe because of the marshmallow. Get it here on Amazon.

Top:rich black currant, juicy plum
middle: fluffy marshmallow, fresh peony
base: creamy sandalwood, black amber, sensual vanilla

My personal favorites? Well here’s a list how I would rank them:

  1. (best) Moonlight
  2. Cloud
  3. Thank U, Next
  4. Ari
  5. Ari limited edition
  6. Sweet Like Candy
  7. Frankie

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